APS Policy Capability Project - lifting policy skills in the APS

The APS Policy Capability Project aims to help people build the policy skills they will need in a changing work environment.

BETA's vision to improve the lives of Australians

BETA began in 2016 with a clear vision—to improve the lives of Australians by putting human behaviour at the heart of government policy.

Digital Earth Australia monitoring Australia's landscape

Geoscience Australia’s Digital Earth Australia (DEA) platform is tapping into spatial data and images recorded from space to understand changes in our natural and built environmen

Do you want to move it, move it?

Moving between APS agencies or within your current agency can give you great experience and the chance to learn new skills.

DVA is putting veterans and their families first

After 100 years, big changes are coming to the Department of Veterans’ Affairs (DVA) to transform the way they do business.

Easy interactions with Digital First Suite

Briefing will become so much easier with the Digital First Suite (DFS). You can edit briefs and other materials through a web browser on any departmental Windows or iOS device.

Enhancing grants administration

The National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) is modernising the way it does grants management by investing in technology to automate some of the agency’s processes.

Geoscience Australia supporting outcomes for our nation

Geoscience Australia is making strides in its projects to invest in the future, capture satellite images and track positioning data.

Measuring productivity in the public sector

A pilot project to measure drivers of productivity in the public sector is currently underway.

National drought map

Sharing information across many agencies, including State and Territory Governments, has helped create the National Drought Map.

Paving the way to procurement excellence

The Department of Finance is working with other government agencies and industry to build procurement capability in the public sector through the Centre of Procurement Excellence (CoPE).

Productivity and automation centre of excellence

The use of process automation in the business world is an everyday thing. Now the public sector is embracing the technology as well.

Sharing high quality policy, programs and services

The Shared Services Program is a whole of government initiative that is transforming the way the public service operates by consolidating and standardising the delivery of corpora

Single and secure way to prove your identity

Instead of visiting a shopfront, the Australian Government’s Digital Identity Program will give people a single and secure way to prove their identity online across many governmen

StellarGraph - unlocking hidden data value

CSIRO's Data61 is creating a set of StellarGraph products to discover value in connected data and uncover hidden insights.

Welfare Payment Infrastructure (WPIT) Programme

The Welfare Payment Infrastructure Transformation (WPIT) Programme has made improvements to focus on the people– both staff and customers.

What do they do? Transparency Portal explains

The new Transparency Portal brings together information about Commonwealth bodies and what they do all in one place.