StellarGraph - unlocking hidden data value

CSIRO's Data61 is creating a set of StellarGraph products to discover value in connected data and uncover hidden insights.

The StellarGraph products are delivering cutting edge technologies for the Australian Public Service and beyond. The team is developing a suite of general technologies to solve real business problems, to develop a community around these technologies and to help increase data science capabilities across the public service.

The three StellarGraph products are:

  • StellarGraph Machine Learning Library: providing the data scientist community with an open source library to grow and deepen graph analytics expertise globally.
  • StellarGraph Platform: a graph analytics platform to enable government agencies and industry to leverage graph machine learning at scale to gain greater insight from their connected data.
  • StellarGraph Visualisation: a graph visualisation tool to enable data exploration to build trust in machine learning outcomes.

Our aim is to use the relationship from the connected world, combine them with new machine learning techniques, to make better predictions, and to help build confidence in data driven decisions.

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