Sharing high quality policy, programs and services

The Shared Services Program is a whole of government initiative that is transforming the way the public service operates by consolidating and standardising the delivery of corporate services through designated Shared Services hubs.

The Shared Services Program will rationalise corporate IT systems, and free up time spent by public servants on administrative tasks so they can spend more time focusing on the needs of citizens and businesses.  

Agencies will start to receive corporate services from a Shared Services hub, adopting the hub’s corporate IT system and efficient processes, rather than having to separately maintain their own. 

Benefits to APS employees:

  • one common way of managing corporate processes such as accounts payable, travel and payroll
  • no need to re-learn new processes when staff move jobs within the public service
  • automated processes will free up staff time to focus on other priorities.

The Shared Services Program will help to create a more productive APS, giving you more time to deliver quality services.