Policy, data and innovation

The benefits of innovation are all around us, it’s in the quality of life Australians enjoy and the meaningful work we undertake. This is why innovation continues to be critical for Australia’s future. As public servants we need to be open to innovation and new ways of working, particularly when developing the policies and programs upon which citizens and businesses rely.

Great policy advice is based on broad research and data, and is well tested with citizens, experts and implementers, with successful delivery designed-in from the start. Policy teams are at their best when they are collaborative, multi-skilled, diverse and well-connected across and within agencies.

Initiatives in this stream encourage us to find innovative ways to connect with citizens and businesses to enable their input into policy discussions, maximise data use to inform policy development, and deliver better tools and guidance to build capability.


Stream leads

Dr Heather Smith PSM
Secretary, Department of Industry, Innovation and Science

Stephanie Foster PSM
Deputy Secretary, Department of the Prime Minister and Cabinet

Stream projects

  • APS Policy Project
  • Whole of Government multi-skilled teams
  • Central guides and tools
  • Whole of Government collaboration platform (GovTEAMS)
  • Stronger policy and program evaluation
  • Shared lessons learned on risk tolerance and innovation
  • Use of innovative technologies (blockchain)
  • Centre of Excellence in Innovation