Modernising the Public Sector – how you can get involved

Have you been hearing about ‘modernising the public sector’ and wondering what that means?

Public Sector Transformation has created a GovTEAMS community called Modernising the Public Sector so you can find out!  The community is open to all APS employees to share ideas and experiences and discuss topics that matter to us all.

The community brings people together from across the APS to help build knowledge, talk about the APS initiatives underway to change the way we work, consider ideas of how we can make it easier for the public to use our services and draw on the expertise of others in the APS.

Public sector reform is something that we are all a part of – each one of us can contribute ideas, innovations and make suggestions in our work areas.  

‘Joining this GovTEAMS community is an easy way to get involved in helping to modernise the APS, including here at Finance as part of our transformation,’ said Rina Bruinsma, FAS Public Sector Transformation. 

John Sheridan, CIO, also encourages people to use GovTEAMS.

‘Finance staff are encouraged to use GovTEAMS as a collaborative tool as we play such a lead role in driving public sector reform. We can use GovTEAMS to contribute ideas about modernising the public sector, discuss current initiatives or other reform ideas by interacting with other APS staff.’

If you haven’t already registered with GovTEAMS, you can register in a few simple steps by visiting the GovTEAMS website.

Once you have registered, you can then request to join the Modernising the Public Sector community and learn more about the reforms occurring in the APS.

Watch this space for information on the upcoming Modernising the Public Sector Expo.