The Australian public sector is world class. The International Civil Service Effectiveness Index ranks Australia third in terms of public sector effectiveness overall.

We’re professional, objective, innovative, efficient and collaborative. We work to achieve the best results for the Australian community and the Government.

Today, Australian citizens and businesses are better informed and more actively engaged. They expect high quality government services, delivered in real-time and at low cost, that they can access easily.

We also live in an ever-changing world. Technology, financial and human resources, Government priorities and global influences are continually forcing us to review how we act on these responsibilities and expectations. The Independent Review of the Public Service has identified four megatrends that are likely to impact the public sector.

To ensure the public sector is equipped to meet these challenges, a roadmap for reform has been set – it’s laid out in the preface of Budget Paper No. 4. The independent review is looking at our longer term needs to ensure we remain fit for purpose in the coming decades. 

This website has information about the reform activities happening right now across the public sector. It provides an opportunity for you to keep up to date with the progress of different projects and initiatives and see how you can get involved.


How we're working

Better services for citizens and businesses...

The public sector impacts on individuals, families and businesses many times and in different ways throughout our lives. We are working to ensure the interactions with government are reliable and delivered in a way that meets their needs.

To do this, there are a range of projects already underway across the public sector. You can learn more about them in the Stories section.

A more efficient public service...

To help us deliver quality services at a lower cost we are exploring opportunities of new technology, different ways of working and greater collaboration across the service.

The Modernisation Fund kick started much of this work and the Secretaries APS Reform Committee is working to ensure their success. The committee is also identifying and delivering new short to medium term reform opportunities. They are doing this across six work streams. You can learn more about the work in Streams.